Mathias Algotsson showed once again what a marvelous pianist and composer he is.”


Hello! Chock out the Songkick calendar on the right for upcoming concerts! For instance in Skellefteå Nov. 9 with Margareta Bengtson / Mathias Algotsson duo and Västerås konserthus Nov. 23 with Svante Henryson / Mathias Algotsson duo. Also at Boadilla Jazz (Madrid) on Nov. 27 with Mathias Algotsson Quartet.

Latest digital piano release was an EP ”Upright Pieces” with solo upright piano pieces. It´s an EP with six pieces for upright piano – not jazz this time, but more of six composed/improvised songs that together makes a small story.. Follow me on Spotify to get noticed for all upcoming digital releases! Also click HERE to choose your favourite streaming service!

Latest music for choir
at Gehrmans!

Sollentuna kommuns stora kulturpris 2019 går till Mathias Algotsson Mer info finns här:–press/nyhet-uppleva–gora/jazzstjarna-far-sollentuna-kommuns-stora-kulturpris/

Here´s some videos from my and Svante Henryson´s duo concert at Konserthuset in Stockholm in september 2016!

Mathias Algotsson & Svante Henryson at Stockholms konserthus 2016

Nedan finns ett Youtubeklipp från inspelningen av albumet ”Home at Work Again”. // Below a video from the making of the latest album with Mathias Algotsson Quartet, released in February 2019.

Making of the song ”Attundafolk” in May 2018